SIRP focuses on reducing high-risk choices with alcohol or other drugs and reducing risk of problems with alcohol or drugs throughout a participants lifetime.


SIRP teaches the PRIME for Life Under 21 Program, provided by the Prevention Research Institute, Inc. (PRI). This education program for adolescents focuses on alcohol and drug prevention/intervention. Information presented is based on documented research findings rather than opinion, exaggerations or scare tactics.


The program’s non-judgmental approach reduces resistance to the life-saving information presented in the program and increases students’ openness to change. Participant satisfaction:
  • 70% said class CHANGED THEIR THINKING about how much they should drink or use drugs.
  • 77% would RECOMMEND THE PROGRAM to a friend.
  • 92% said the INSTRUCTOR was well-informed and understanding.
  • 89% said overall the PROGRAM was very or somewhat helpful.